Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The New Stateline Idol Is…

For several months Kurt and Kent Slight, owners of the Stateline Casino in Mesquite, NV have been running a Karaoke contest in search of “The Stateline Idol”.  ”Each week, 10 to 15 contestants sang their favorite songs.  Two patrons were selected by the judges and patrons to return to the next round of the competition.  On Saturday, August 1st, the final four faced off to be crowned “The Stateline Idol”.  The grand prize was their own headline concert on August 27th and the opportunity to record a CD. Kurt said there were about 50 people in the contest altogether.  They were please with the turnout.The Final Four were given to opportunity to sing twice, a rock n roll number and anything they wanted.  Then patrons came to cast their votes.The winner was chosen by a tally of judges’ votes and votes from the crowd.
It was a unanimous decision as both the judges and the crowd voted heavily in favor of Nathan Ochsenhirt.   Although Nathan doesn’t have any professional background in singing, he stood out.  Nathan’s entrance in the contest was coincidental.  He had been in Mesquite on business with a local Home Owners Association.  And loves to sing Karaoke.  He was surprised when he was selected to move on.  Nathan, decided the five hour round trip every week would be worth a try.   He will return for his “show” at the Stateline on Aug. 27, and he will be making a few trips to town to record his CD.  Nathan’s show will included other contestants including Mike Petersen, and Doc and Shirley Neilson. To view the complete article  “click here”

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