Friday, October 20, 2017


Here is what people are saying about Nate:

“As a long time resident and business owner in Eagle Mountain, I have appreciated Nathan’s service and contribution on the city council. He willingly makes himself available to his constituents to discuss their concerns and is faithful in following through with the commitments he makes. Nathan also brings a skill set to the city council that is unique, needed and complimentary to his fellow councilmembers; as a licensed general contractor active in the building industry, he provides a voice of experience and reason in the fields of building/construction/growth where Eagle Mountain is now and will continue to be seriously engaged. On both a public and a personal level, I know Nathan to be a man of hard work, integrity and fair dealing who will continue to bring value and accomplishment to our city.” – Scot Hazard

“I have known Nate Ochsenhirt to act with wisdom and prudence. He is a man of integrity who works with dedication at each new task. Nate makes choices as a city council member to best care for the residents of the city. I support Nate for re-election as a city council member.” – Vincent Liddiard

“I have worked with many city officials in the recent past, including Nathan Ochsenhirt from the Eagle Mountain City Council. Nathan is an honest and hardworking individual. His warm and engaging personality builds an instant trust and confidence in him. His efforts in the past two years have unified and brought stability to the entire City Council. He is always willing to share his time and work to accomplish what is best for Eagle Mountain. I enthusiastically endorse Nathan Ochsenhirt for Eagle Mountain City Council. We appreciate Nate’s leadership for the City of Eagle Mountain. He was the point person on creating a multi company deal that created an opportunity for our company and in turn, created the successful incubator program for the City. The Ranches is now doing very well and the incubator program has been a great success. He truly represents what is needed in Municipality leadership; which is pro business and innovative thinking beyond the norm.” – Mark Whetzel CEO Vanguard Golf Management” – Mark Whetzel CEO Vanguard Golf Management

“Nathan Ochsenhirt is a hard worker, a true public servant. I have always known him to be a man of his word and appreciate the honesty and candor with which he does his work on the City Council and in his personal life. Nathan takes time to listen, and is always very conscientious in his decision making. He takes the time to explain his point of view and reasoning for the actions he takes on the Council. Nathan is a team player, a strong voice for the people of Eagle Mountain.” Charlotte Ducos

“With his leadership as President of the Association and previously as the Secretary/Treasurer, Nate has been one of the big reasons that this Association has recovered from financial disaster due to the bankruptcy of the developer. He has been a big reason why this resort has not only maintined but improved its 5 Star rating.” Rick Jones – Manager Masters Villas

“Councilman Ochsenhirt is a proven leader through his demonstration to carefully listen, communicate, act appropriately, make sound judgements, and serve. He believes in making the city the best community for all to enjoy and is fully committed to the long term growth and success of eash aspect of our city. His service is genuine. He is honest and will do exactly what he commits to do. I’ve heard him say many times that his word is his bond. I can honesly say he backs that claim. An example of this that I’ve noticed is that he is a contractor. I’ve noticed in dealing with contractors that they give bids with varying degrees of honesty: with constantly giving their word, they either learn to become very honest or dishonest. I’ve personally seen him bend over backwards to fulfill his promises even at his own great expense. I fully endorse Councilman Ochsenhirt in his bid for election to the city council. I believe his likeability factor and good record on the council these last 2 years will get him elected. Lastly, he’s also been a great neighbor for 6 years. Go Cougs!!” Sam Roberts – EM Resident

Utah County Association of Realtors

Lynnette Rose – Parks And Recreation Board Chairman

Brandon Howard – Vanguard Golf Management

Susan Hayward – Parks and Recreation Board

Mayor Heather Jackson – Verbal Endorsement