Friday, October 20, 2017


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Thanks for visiting!

This site is dedicated to all things Nate. Over the years we, his family and friends have shared Nathan with everyone. Weather you’ve seen him at the Kareoke hang outs around the globe (His Kareoke buddies call him OX Baby), or maybe you have worked with him on local construction projects, played a round with him on the golf course, or experienced his sense of humor, everyone will agree: everyone needs a little Nate time.

So if you haven’t had some Nate time in a while, visit this site to see what he’s been up to. We will try to include all things Nate. These will include his lame jokes (I mean his brilliant jokes), his spectacular insights, and the projects he has been working on.

We all agree, that Nate is a living legend. Everyone that has walked along side of him, has been forever impacted by him. Love him or not, Nate influences us all.

Come visit often.

Nate’s Family and Friends